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Peter Kimani

Fixer and driver

Guide in Kenya. Born and raised in Kenya he knows Kenya and its culture like no other. Peter is a real fixer, very technical and great company during the tour and the evenings. Obviously he is fluent in Swahili and knows how to speak to the police.

Ko Duijvestijn

+31 62 520 83 78



Lives in the Netherlands and has often traveled in Africa. Ko has visited 9 countries in Africa.

Prepares the journeys in the Netherlands and ensures that everything comes in the maps and navigation. Ko likes to travel and

loves motorcycling in authentic Africa.

Jan en Nicolette


+31 6 168 903 37

Since 2009 Jan and Nicolette, together with the guides, have been receiving Motorsafaris’ guests at their resort. The Beach House is the base, the resting point, the starting point, the ending point as well as the recreational place.

Robert Benes


Tahfiif Hamza





John Nganga