1. We have 7 stations in East- and Southern Afrika

  2. Every station has parts and a mechanic.

  3. Most stations have accommodation

  4. You can leave a motorbike behind and fly out.

  5. Or prepare them for the next trip.

  6. You can decide yourself how long a trip will take.

  7. Rent for motorbike to pay per day.

  8. Rent for Garmin to pay per day

  1. Haojin “Hawk” 250 cc

  2. Door Motorsafaris geprepareerd voor Afrika

  3. Verzekering en Comesa

  4. Garmin Zümo met route’s

  5. Gereedschap, 4 binnenbanden

  6. hotellijsten

  7. documents and instruction for border-crossings

  8. meeting with experienced guides in the Netherlands

Self drive motorbike tours Africa.

Self guided motorbike tours Africa.