Peter Kimani


fixer and


Born in Kenya and knows Kenya and African culture like no other. Is very technical. A real fixer. And good company during the trip and the evenings. Peter speaks English and Swahili fluently. He knows how to speak to the police if someone makes a mistake....

Jan Nauta

+31 6 168 903 37

Jan lives in the Netherlands from where he organizes the MotorSafaris. In the Dutch winter he leaves for Kenya to stay at Sawasawa Beach-house. He likes to travel through Kenya and the surrounding countries and knows Eastern Africa well.

Masoedi (Max)

Mechanic and


Max came in 2016 as a trainee with Motorsafaris. He developed as a good mechanic and bike-rider.

Max is a good photographer and has that “happy African” behavior. Most of all he keeps the motor-bikes in good condition.

Every morning ready to ride!

Please visit Motorsafaris in the Netherlands

Jan Nauta

Whatsapp   06-42091362


Douglas Mukhwana


Western countries

Douglas started to guide in January 2020. He did several trips in training.

Now he guides together with the driver and the mechanic.

He is a serious man and he loves to travel and come home safely. 

Good company on the trips.

Raphael Ondim

Tourguide Kenya

Raphael is new in the team and is a promising tour-guide. The energy of a young person and the ‘happy African’  smile.  He loves traveling and  can’t wait to visit Uganda and Rwanda. For now he guides in Kenya. And Kenya is big!

John Ng’gang’a



Experienced driver during our trips and a good guide for safari’s in the parks in Kenya and Tanzania.

John lives in Naivasha, our starting town for the Maasai Mara trip.

Its good to have experienced guides for safari’s in the motorsafaris team.

John Ogise

Overcross is our agent in Germany

and other European countries

Phone: +49 7071 - 770060