motorsafari KILIMANJARO  


10 days (8 days in Africa)

from the Indian Ocean to the Kilimanjaro

Day 0 departure from Europe

Day 1 arrival Mombasa - Msambweni

You will be picked up from the airport in Mombasa by a driver from Motorsafaris who will take you to SawaSawa-BeachHouse in Msambweni in about 2 hours. Relax with a snack and a drink on the beach or at the pool.

Day 2 - Msambweni - Korogwe 290 km. of which dirt road 130 km.

Breakfast at sunrise, we leave at 6 a.m. After 55 km. we reach the Kenya-Tanzania border on bad asphalt. The ‘bureaucrazy’ at the border with Tanzania takes at least two hours. Fortunately there is always something to see. 

After 35 km. of Tanzanian asphalt we turn into the bush for a beautiful, long drive on good gravel roads and along beautiful villages. We spend the night after many varied roads at an executive lodge.

Day 3 - Korogwe -Kilimanjaro 280 km. of which gravel 100 km.

On the way to Kilimanjaro. After 70 km of asphalt we take 100 km. beautiful dirt road behind the mountains.

Lunch in a local restaurant in Same and then another 100 km. hot asphalt. We spend the night in the coolness of Moshi, a town at the foot of Kilimanjaro. There are nice shops, good restaurants and perfect coffee in Moshi.

Day 4 - Kilimanjaro- Amboseli 210 km. of which beautiful dirt road 50 km.

Today round the Kilimanjaro the 5895 meter high ‘Kili’ always to our right. Another 100 kilometers of asphalt and then off-road driving in the dry savannah where Maasai let their cows eat the last grass. On the north side, the landscape is slowly changing into grain fields and large fields. You continue to climb and you arrive in pine forests at an altitude of 2100 meters. When the road has become asphalt again we arrive at the border with Kenya where we return to Kenya at Tarakea. Even better view of the Kilimanjaro here on the Kenya side.

Day 5 - Amboseli - safari Amboseli National Park - Rest day

This day is reserved for an optional visit to Amboseli National Park. That means getting up early because the Kilimanjaro and the wildlife are best seen in the early morning. Elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions and much more, beautiful nature with great photo moments and the impressive snowcapped Kilimanjaro in the background.

Costs € 120 for entry, transport and good lunch...

Day 6 - Amboseli - Sagala in Tsavo 220 km. of which dirt road 70 km.

Than on the brand new asphalt road through Tsavo park to the sisal plantations of Mwatate. We are in the Taita Hills. And we reach the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. After 17 km. we turn back into the bush and spend the night in Sagala-Lodge. Friendly environment,  a swimming pool and nice houses.

Day 7 - Sagala in Tsavo - Mombasa city 160 km. of which (in good weather) dirt road 85 km.

We take a moment to let the wilderness impress us and then leave for Mombasa. First 40 km. the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. We branch into a real African dirt-road; red soil, blue skies, cows on the 85 km. long road and a burning sun.

A wonderful off-road experience. Lunch at a petrol station.

In Mombasa new roads are being worked on, but we have to push ourselves through narrow, dusty routes.

In the busy city we stay in a hotel with AC in a quiet place near "Old Town" the old city of Mombasa.

Day 8 -  Mombasa - transfers to Mombasa airport

After breakfast there is an opportunity to take a city walk. An expert guide will guide you through interesting parts of the ancient city of Mombasa in 2 hours.  Depending on your airline departure-time you leave to Mombasa airport.

It was an intensive journey with many great African impressions.

Day 9 Arrival in Europe.

You can extend your holiday on the tropical beach of Mombasa.

Relax, read a book, go diving, kite surfing, get a massage, go for a walk on the beach and more ....

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