40 days from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean

A long journey, more than 8000 km. Through 7 African countries. Along wildlife parks and through the vast savannas in Tanzania. Along the lake of authentic Malawi. It is a journey from Arabic Mombasa to cosmopolitan Cape Town. A journey through time, centuries-old civilizations in the interior and modern times in South Africa and Kenya.

It is a unique, special and a very beautiful expedition. A journey to remember. And to photograph a lot to make your  photo-books. We are guaranteed to see elephants, giraffes and much more along the way. We opt for rural roads but passable. Because we also have to make miles.

To keep the journey affordable, we camp sometimes in our own tents when there are good campsites. Mostly local little hotels especially in the cities.

This expedition was  done for the first time in 2017 under the guiding of Ko Duijvestijn and Peter Kimani. Every year we organize this trip in April, May and June. This data especially for the weather. No rain and not too hot. Now we organize the trips with an expert guide and a good mechanic. There is good navigation with our Garmins.

departures  2020

The whole trip is 40 days

Kenya - Cape Town  April 2  € 3990

Cape Town - Kenya  May 16  € 3990

You can book 20 days sections:

you can book 20 days sections:

Kenya -  Victoria Falls April 2  € 2250

Victoria Falls - Cape Town  April 24  € 2250

Cape Town - Victoria Falls May 16  € 2250

Victoria Falls - Kenya  June 6 € 2250

Maximum 7 riders

Service car with expedition-guide,

water, coffee, luggage,

parts, tents and mechanic

Flight, petrol, lunch and dinner not included

This map is an indication of the itannery. Because of wheater or political situations we might change the routes.  Off coarse we will reach our destination!

This is a long journey. 40 days on the motorbike and 40 days in a group with people you maybe do not know....

Of coarse we stop for interesting sightseeing and there is time to relax. We depart 7.30 to benefit from lower temperatures. Lunch in a local restaurant or a simple but healthy pick-nick. We wash our clothes on the way and our luggage is limited to 15 kg.  It will be warm the first weeks..........